Видеоролик на английском языке для Ассоциации онкологических пациентов "Здравствуй!" 02.02.2016

Ссылка на сюжет: https://youtu.be/emssHe_JGmk


Dear all,
First I would like to express many thanks for all your great help. 2015 year was very productive. We have started the Russian Association of Oncology Patients, 'Zdravstvuy!' and for our presentation, we made a small cartoon from a true story. This brave woman is a very close friend of mine and we found three 15 year old girls (who are your students) to draw the story as they felt and perceived it. We wanted to portray a touching and, most importantly, hopeful perspective through the eyes of the children who voiced and animated it.
I hope you will enjoy it!
Best regards,
Anna Solovyeva